Retrieve Ripped Stitches with a Smaller Needle

If you have to rip, whether one row or (shivers) a hundred rows, try picking up the live stitches on a smaller needle than the one you’re using for the project.

If you’re working with a size 5 needle, then theoretically, you should be able to pick up the live stitches with that same size 5 needle after you’ve ripped. Theoretically.

Sometimes, though, using the project needle just feels tight. If so, drop a needle size or two or three.

You won’t mess up your gauge if you work those stitches off the much-smaller needle, as long as you remember to use the project needle in your other hand!

Gauge is determined by the size of the needle you wrap the yarn around while forming new stitches, not by the size of the needle that is simply presenting the old stitches.

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