Knitting and Proofreading?

Knitting and proofreading (and let’s include copyediting as well). A strange combination, perhaps. But they’re similar in many ways.

  • Both are a process. Neither is done in an instant.
  • The process can sometimes be a drag and sometimes a whole lot of fun. I’ve heard proofreading described as “an English test that never ends,” and most knitters have at least one UFO!
  • Both require careful attention to detail. Duh!
  • When you’re done, you have something valuable. You’ve spent a lot of time crafting, whether stitches or words. But, oh, the final product: a great sweater, a fabulous book.

Does the world really need another blog? Maybe, maybe not. But one thing is clear from other people’s blogs. Everyone’s experience is different. We all have things to contribute. I’ve been lurking for a long time. Now I’m finally stepping up to share.

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