The HollyKnits Knitting Font

This knitting font (in a ZIP compressed file) is used throughout Stitch by Bloody Stitch: Knitting Charts Explained. You do not have to download the font for the book to print correctly, because the book is in PDFs with the knitting font embedded in them.

If you want to type up your own knitting charts, perhaps charting along with the book, then download and install the font.

The last chapter in part four will always be the knitting font catalog. It explains where all the easily typed symbols are, gives suggestions for using them, and provides a source for cutting and pasting symbols that aren’t so easy to type.

A Word of Warning, or Maybe Just Caution

As with all things computer, the instructions that follow are what I can figure out from my own laptop and info from the Internet. Your mileage may definitely vary as you try to install the font (or any other font, for that matter).

One Last Step

Raveler NathanMort reported a problem with the font, then figured out the solution (and let me know!). Once you’ve installed the font, you will need to close your program and restart it for it to be aware that a new font has been added. (And this is true whenever you install any font at all, not just the knitting font.)

This means that you don’t merely close the current file. You actually have to exit your word processor or spreadsheet program, then open it up fresh. Thanks tons for the reminder, NathanMort!

On Windows

Download the zipped file to any other place than C:\Windows\Fonts. Perhaps you have a folder on your computer called Knitting. You can either

  • download the ZIP file straight into that folder, or
  • make a folder inside it called something like DownloadedFonts, then download the ZIP file there

Go to the folder you just downloaded the ZIP file to. You will have to unzip the file, which you can usually do just by double-clicking on it. If that doesn’t work, then try right-clicking the file and selecting a menu item like Extract.

Once the actual TTF file has been extracted (it’s named HollyKnits.ttf, but if you’re hiding file extensions, you’ll only see HollyKnits), then right-click the font file, and select Install.

You will probably have to close and restart your word processor to make the knitting font available.

You can just type the first few letters of HollyKnits in the font list box and press Enter to select it. Or if you want to pop open the font list and you have your word processor set to show each font name in the font itself, it will look like this:


The knitting font is the one between High Tower Text and Impact. (The image above shows the font’s complete characters under the H and o, plus the left part of the character under the lowercase l.)

On Apple

You will have to download the zipped file from the first link above, put it into an appropriate place, and unzip/extract the TTF file.

According to WikiHow (!), you double-click the TTF file and select Install. If the font doesn’t appear in your word processor’s list, WikiHow suggests you restart your computer.

The WikiHow article also says that, instead of double-clicking the file and selecting Install, you can drag the TTF file to the appropriate place based on the specific version of your operating system. You are most definitely own your own! (If someone does this successfully, you might describe your steps for others.)

On Linux

If you’re on Linux, you probably already know exactly what to do.