First Edition Announced!

I am very pleased to announce the first edition of Stitch by Bloody Stitch: Knitting Charts Explained is nearing completion.

Each document is an enabled PDF. That means that you can highlight text, insert sticky-note comments, strike through and correct errors (sigh), and so on, even if you have only the free Adobe Reader.

Yes, the book is long. Going stitch by stitch means it takes lots of charts. My goal is a comprehensive book, so I cover charting

  • on paper and in the computer (hence two versions of some documents)
  • for traditional and mirror-image knitters (hence two versions of some documents and MIK supplements for others)

Pop me an e-mail (address at above right) if you have a question or find an error.

This page shows all the download links at once.

The Absolute Minimum

Just getting started with charts? Curious about them and what they can do?

Click the “Downloads” link in Part 1. Start with the preface and read through chapter 2. Then read chapter 3 or chapter 4, depending on how you want to chart.

Part 1: Charting Basics

These chapters get you started, showing you how charts grow symbol by symbol, teaching you to chart  all the basic knitting operations, and showing you how to use a chart as you knit.

Downloads (last update: June 6, 2017)

Part 2: Pattern Repeats

When a chart shows only a small area of stitches, you’ll probably work them over and over again. Learn how in these chapters.

Ever wanted to take a cool stitch pattern to a different project? Check out “Finding the Pattern Repeat.”

Downloads (last update: May 20, 2017)

Part 3: Multi-Size Garment Charts

The money chapters! Decipher charts for those gorgeous sweaters that don’t have written-out instructions—or that are in a language vous ne parlez pas/Usted no habla/Вы не говорите.

Downloads (last update: September 5, 2017)

Ch 19: The Basic Vest2017-06-26
Ch 20: Bottom-Up Shaping has two versions, for charting On Paper or In the Computer
MIKs, add your supplement for charting
   on paper
  or in the computer using
   shaping symbols or
   only blank areas


Ch 21: One Chart, Six Sizes has two versions, for
traditional knitters or
mirror-image knitters
Ch 22: Top-Down Shaping
Ch 23: Motif Starting Points2017-08-01
Ch 24: “Right Front: Work as for Left Front, Reversing All Shaping” has four versions,
 for traditional knitters charting
  on paper or in the computer
 or mirror-image knitters charting
  on paper or in the computer
Ch 25: Optional Shaping Tweaks has two versions, for
traditional knitters or
mirror-image knitters

Part 4: Tips and Tricks

Take charting to the next level, and make it quicker and easier.

Downloads (last update: July 13, 2017)

Ch 26: More Charting Tips
Ch 27: Charting New Knitting Operations
Ch 28: Software Options
Ch 29: Converting Charts to Multi-Column Tables
The HollyKnits Knitting Font Catalog2017-07-13


All sorts of info: some deals with charting directly, plus a couple interesting detours and a few “Huh, who’da guessed?”

(“Abbreviations and Terms” is nearly complete, but I may need to add entries as I complete the book.)

Downloads (last update: August 2, 2017)

App A: Charting Rules
App B: Lessons Learned
App C: Answers
App D: Dubious Practices
App E: Do Charts Lie?
App F: Better Written-Out Instructions
App G: Crossing Cables on the Private Side has two versions, for
traditional knitters or
mirror-image knitters
App H: Designing by Chartingin work
App I: Border Details2017-07-12
App J: Lace Diamond Details
App K: Garment Design Details2017-07-12
App L: Enlarging on Paper
App M: Abbreviations and Terms2017-08-02
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