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You’re Doing It Wrong

Has anyone ever told you that? I’m not talking just about knitting; I’m talking about anything.

Having recently been caught short in saying something about knitting that was actually, factually wrong, I was reminded of times when I’ve heard people say (even sometimes at knit night), “You’re not doing that right.” And, God forgive me, I know I’ve thought it about a jazillion times myself (let’s not even ponder how many times that thought escaped through my mouth). Continue reading...

Work Basic Fabrics Without Instructions

Instructions for ribbing and seed stitch can get very cumbersome, depending on whether they’re worked on an even or odd number of stitches. (See the possibilities at the bottom of the post.)

But working these fabrics, without reference to instructions at all, can be very easy once we understand how the fabrics are constructed. I’m not saying we memorize the instructions. Instead, we understand the underlying theory of how the fabrics are formed. Continue reading...

My Favorite Stitch Holders

I hate sewing seams to assemble sweaters. If I wanted to sew, I’d crawl around on the floor cutting out fabric, then sit at the sewing machine.

Instead, I like to make sweaters in the round, whether bottom up or top down. When I make bottom-up seamless sweaters, I’m going to have to put stitches on holders at both underarms on the body and on each sleeve. If I don’t have enough needles of the correct size to leave all three pieces on needles until I can join them for the yoke, I put each sleeve and the body on holders while I work everything up to the underarm joining point. Continue reading...